After a much longer break than planned – for various reasons and a bit of turmoil in my life – I finally get to sit down and continue the tutorial for the the complete game art.

This time I will continue fleshing out the background – before moving to the much anticipated and a more fun part of animating our character.

Even with the cogs in place the background still looking rather empty. It’s not matching the style of the platforms with their rich decor. The elements in the background should match but not overwhelm the platform or enemy/ player elements.



Taking the layers into gimp and adjusting different levels of blur to them – increasing slightly the further back the layer is – results in something like this.


Putting the platforms on top along with the cogs and some light rays (simple rectangles deformed, blurred and the background works nicely. 

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the tutorial and I can assure you the next one will be a lot of fun as we start animating the main character.