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A collection of short and ‘somewhat Helpful Hints’ for Affinity Designer is online now

After a lot of editing [and I am sure there are a whole bunch of things that could/ should be fixed – let me know, please] I finally uploaded the “(Somewhat) Helpful Hints” to gumroad: https://2dgameartguru.gumroad.com/l/dpzcv

It’s NOT a beginners guide or workbook [but I am working on one at the moment]. The skill level of these hints varies from beginner to intermediate. It helps to have an understanding of the program and its tools.

This is a collection of step-by-step tutorials [182 pages in its current state]. I created these to help visualize answers to questions on social media. I hope they are still helpful without the context of the question. Let me know what you think. I will try and keep this PDF updated and added to as I create more step-by-step tutorials or turn some of them into a proper blog or youtube video tutorials. Enjoy!

Oh… I forgot to mention – it’s free!
You can just put a 0 [zero] in the amount field and press the ‘I want this’ button and it should be ready for download. Let me know if you have any problems. I did however add a ‘buy me a coffee’ and a ‘paypal donate’ button as well if you feel generous and think the work put into this deserves ‘a coffee’ ;)