2Dgameartguru working with wordpress

Alive and working on  the wordpress side of things

…and making the assets FREE!

The New Year is well underway and I haven’t posted in a while. The problems have been pretty much the usual. My health is an ongoing worry. I changed the approach. Some new tools helped me cope with the chronic pain [some of the time]. Around Christmas and New Year it wasn’t quite working too well… but hey… not letting it stop me.
So, rather than have the creative energy flowing, I did the ‘not so fun’ things. I am still working on bringing all the blog posts into wordpress. At the moment there’s about 25 tutorials left to do. That’s a good step up from the initialy daunting task of 150+.

Lately, sellfy.com the site I chose as a platform for my assets has changed it’s pricing structure. I took it as a reason to finally get off it and make all the assets free. I edited the post [hopefully all of them] with assets. More assets from later/ newer tutorials will be added as I go. They are all up on opengameart.org now. Check it out if you want some of the source files of the tutorial.

Next up will be a step-by-step tutorial and a video currently in the planning stage. The artwork for both has been done and I just need to get into the right mindset to write and record.
Basically, even though I have not posted in a while – the blog is still alive and I will continue to work on wordpress, more FREE assets and new tutorials. I hope to be more active in the future and get into a regular posting routine.