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Still alive and kicking

It’s been a while…

since I posted a quick video and even longer since I worked on a proper tutorial. The reasons have been plentiful and range from simply being ‘too busy with life’ to serious health issues and a major health threat that too a long time to be checked out and finally was ruled out. When the doctor told me that it might be cancer and had to be checked out the initial response was ‘sh**, why me?’. I lost close family members to cancer in the past. It felt wrong, I am too young, watch my diet and lifestyle, keep as fit as my muscular condition allows it – and bit more – and haven’t had any of the symptoms normally associated with it. Yet the blood tests confirmed higher numbers, an ultrasound, and an MRI showed ‘a zone of interest’ and the doctors had to take a biopsy. It dragged on for months and even though I tried to not let it get to me, read up on it or let it screw with my head, it did paralyze me. Two weeks ago I got the all clear. It was a major relief.

Oddly the immediate reaction of joy and the loss of the burden let to a loss of tension and drive. I felt sorry for myself when I should have been the happiest. It’s taken a while [with too much coffee and chocolate] to get back into a mindset to open up the blog, look at the declining viewer numbers and realize that I miss the post, the tutorials, and the pains of putting together a video to pass on some of the knowledge I acquired. The intentions are there, the plans and ideas for new posts sit in corners of my hard drives waiting to be released, and I will try and find the time and energy to make them happen.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to see you around for more entertaining and helpful posts in the near future.