New Website


So… I changed over from Blogger to WordPress a short while ago. A lot of things have improved since. It should be easier to navigate through the site, the index should work and most of all it’s a lot easier for me to post.

There are still issues though. I am aware of some, while others probably still hide in dark corner just waiting to jump at me. After an avalanche of 404 errors relating to feedburner, I fixed the RSS feeds today. I also added subscription options at the footer of the site.

It will take a little while before all the older tutorials will be updated to the new format. . As a result, they should be a lot more mobile friendly and easier to edit. Which in turn will remove a lot of mistakes, spelling errors, and typos but also allow the translations to finally go online. It’s been a task I had planned to tackle a long time ago but wasn’t able to implement without major problems in Blogger.
At the moment there might be issues with the quality of some of the art (please let me know if you come across those and I will try and fix them right away).

In short

The website is still undergoing construction but it’s improving slowly. Bare with me while I fix them… and find time to post new tutorials. Hopefully, the next video tutorial will be up soon as well.

2Dgameartguru new WordPress