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What should be covered in the next tutorial?

Asking for input

I just finished recording two more tutorials on the seamless tiles. The dirt and transition in one tutorial and exporting and integration into your game is the second one.
There are a few ideas for the next tutorial, some requests and some unfinished parts from earlier tutorials.
The complete game art series that I would like to finish with more tutorials on animation and the finishing touches such as icon and promo images.
There is the space theme that I kind of dropped a little too early. I have started on a tutorial for a space background in Inkscape.
There are also a few concepts for using Inkscape to create the textures for 3D models [from simple wooden crates to a space fighter].
Last but not least there is an interesting request for special effects [from explosions, swooshing light trails to magic spells]. It would be quite challenging to do.
Let me know what you would like to read/ see in a video and I will try to make it.
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If there is something else you would like me to cover, please feel free to leave a comment with more suggestions. I am sure there will be more polls in the future.