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Votes are in


Thanks for voting on the topic for the next tutorials. It was a close vote and I will cover both topics with the most votes.

  • Special effects in Inkscape
    Creating visual effects for explosions, weapon swipes, magic spells, etc. I have to admit I don’t have a clear outline for this one and will have to play around with Inkscape for a bit to come up with a good tutorial on the subject.
  • Animation in Spriter
    This tutorial is something I already started and the outline is pretty clear. I will use the assets I recently made free as part of the 3 million views celebration. The skeleton will be part of the tutorial (series of tutorials) for sure. Maybe it will start with the robot from the complete gameart tutorials for the basics and then step up to the skeleton. I will cover walk, run, jump, attack and die as the essential animations used in games.
Thanks also for all the other requests. I will cover some of them for sure, while other requests don’t quite fit this blog as they focus on pixelart (a huge area of tutorials I could think of as well).
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At the moment I am trying to overhaul the blog, add the Spanish and French translations (I might add German while I am at it) and record some of the earlier and most popular tutorials as youtube videos. I just finished the ‘starting with circles’ and ‘continuing the fun with squares’ and will post those in the next couple of days.
I am still trying to get a good workflow happening with my new work laptop. Installing the essentials, adjusting the settings and working out how to deal with the massive screen resolution. It results in tiny text and icons in some programs. That’s not good for old guys with fading eyesight.

Have a nice, sunny and peaceful Easter!
I am in Germany to spend it with my family and surprisingly even some sunshine. ;)