2Dgameartguru news questions

I posted the last three practical posts on the complete game art tutorial and there have been ZERO, NIL, NULL, KEINE, NO replies. This should probably scare me.

  • Either my tutorials are getting better and people can follow without any problems and questions
  • or people are just reading and putting it away as nice but too hard and way to complicated to follow and try themselves
  • or I am just boring my reader so much they fall asleep before they can hit the reply button
  • or people are just not reading them at all – looking at the nice colourful images before clicking on the next website suggested by twitter, feedly, etc.
… but it won’t…. :)
I will continue on… even if it’s just for my own amusement and to hand something to the coders that are currently taking this concept to Gamesalad, libGDX. Ox, Godot and monkeyX. I hope to have some links to their tutorials for you soon.
I am still looking for a Unity, Corona and Flash coder to cover more of the popular engines. Stencil, Construct2 or other coders are more than welcome to join. ;) 
Just as pushed the publish button a reply to the last post came in… Thank you! I am obviously not just doing this for me, myself and I. :)