Working with the Lines and Patterns Brush Effects in Inkscape

Inkscape Video tutorial

After creating a set of simple lines and pattern brushes for Affinity Designer, I decided to take them into Inkscape. It’s a great way to add additional details to your illustrations. The set of 20 brush patterns is available on my gumroad page and is FREE to use for your personal and commercial projects.

In this video, I will show you how I use them in an illustration. It took me a while to get this video ready for upload to youtube. The sheer length [a recording of more than an hour] took a while to edit, condense, and narrate. I have increased the playback speed on parts that I considered less important [hopefully keeping all the important parts at a good speed]. It’s not a beginner tutorial – I would consider it more of an advanced Inkscape tutorial.
It’s one part creation of a fishing boat using simple shapes and the node tool and one part use of the ‘Pattern along path’ effect to add the brush effects.

Main tools

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2dgameartguru - working with brush effects in Inkscape
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Lines and Patterns examples [done in Affinity Designer]

[these can be created in Inkscape just the same (for the most part – only the tapering of the brush patterns doesn’t work)]

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2dgameartguru - lines and patterns example 'yellow fin tuna'
2dgameartguru - lines and patterns example 'bearded man'
2dgameartguru - lines and patterns example 'red house'
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I hope you enjoy the tutorial. It’s an interesting and promising workflow in Inkscape. I had a lot of fun playing around with it and trying to get the effect to work. If you like the video, please subscribe to my channel, add a like to the video, and leave a comment. Your feedback, comments, and requests are very much appreciated.

For more information on creating patterns to work with the ‘pattern along path’ effect, you might want to check out these two tutorials I wrote earlier ‘Pattern creation along a path in Inkscape – part 1‘ and ‘Creating patterns along a path in Inkscape – part 2‘.