Cracked window

Inkscape tutorial

Here’s a quick post on how to create the crack in the office window tutorial. Basically, it’s a quick use of the straight line and bezier curve tool. Finally, move some nodes to create the desired effect.
2Dgameartguru inkscape toolbar
2dgameartguru - cracked windows

Use the straight line and bezier curve tool to draw a spiky ended shape.

Add more spikes to it using the straight line tool.

Alternatively create a triangle and then add more nodes…

…to move into place with the edit paths by nodes tool.

Add a few more cracks before grouping the shapes (CTRL+G).

Duplicate the group and offset the position slightly (matching your scene’s light setup)…

2Dgameartguru - cracked windows
2Dgameartguru - cracked windows

… move the end nodes to line up with our initial shape group…

… and choose a lighter fill colour and set the alpha to ~50% (adjust to your window colour).

Place the lighter shape below the darker group.

2Dgameartguru - cracked windows
2Dgameartguru - spacer

Get the source art [ svg and pdf ] from here for free!

Combining the spiky shapes (Path/ Union) cleans it up a little bit more – as you won’t see the overlaps. Combine just two objects at a time in inkscape.  
I hope this quick tutorial explains the creation of the crack well enough.

Get the source art (SVG file) of this tutorial for

USD 1.00