Modular Monster Builder

Design Ideas

One of the requests from a reader has been a tutorial/ video/ art pack on monsters. The initial idea I have is something along the lines of the ‘Modular buildings’ or the ‘Spaceship constructions kit’. I am thinking of writing a step-by-step tutorial on creating some of the parts – e.g. eyes, body, extremities, and decor elements. Following it up with the kit as a free download and a video tutorial on the how to easily create, alter and add to it.

2Dgameartguru - spacer
2Dgameartguru creating a Monster Builder Kit

These are the first designs I came up with. I am not sure I will keep it this bright, shaded and saturated though. A plainer, more muted, darker version with the focus on shapes could be another option.

Let me know what you think.