Another quick tutorial on the advantages of using vector art for your game assets. I played around with some simple shapes that would allow me to build a multitude of houses for the background of a game. Rather than create each house from scratch, I created a small library of elements that I could quickly drag onto the scene and build the houses by placing, scaling, rotating and colouring those assets. 

It resulted in a lot faster and easier creation – and this video tutorial. 

The video turned out to be a little bit longer than I would have liked – but I hope you like it nevertheless and won’t get bored halfway through. I recorded this after a short night and no morning coffee yet – hence a few problems with the controls, my graphic tablet, the recording software and finding my way through inkscape.  

The main tools I used while building those houses were the ‘select and transform’, the align tools, groups and for the creation of the elements I used a lot clips.  

Should you feel like creating more assets for this pack, some of the earlier tutorials might be helpful:

The clip tool:

Building wooden beams:
Creating a brick building:

If you you like the assets, let me know and I will build some more. I already have a modern set and a medieval castle on my todo list. 

Here’s the download link for the current set: