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It’s been a while since I first started to write tutorials on game art. Nevertheless, the very first ones are still popular. After receiving a lot of requests to cover those early steps in a video tutorial, I finally sat down and made a video. Here’s the first tutorial ‘Let’s get started with circles‘.

I am using Inkscape v.0.91 – a free and versatile vector drawing program.  Get it here.  I am working on a windows pc. As a result, there might be small differences when using the program on Mac or Linux.  These should mainly be shortcut keys and naming. Those differences should be minute and I am sure you will work them out.

The process used in the tutorial can easily be achieved in other vector tools like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw as well. The commands might be named differently and sometimes the workflow varies a little but it should be fairly easy to follow the tutorial even if you use a different program.

This video is an introduction to using Inkscape’s basics and the circle tool to get started with game art creation. I don’t intend to cover the basic use of Inkscape per se. Going through the menus and explaining each item is not what this video is about. This videos topic is one tool and the possiblities it offers.

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Hopefully you enjoyed the tutorial. I will continue to record some of the older but still popular tutorials as I go. So stay tuned for more video tutorials.

I am working on new and more advanced tutorials. The special effects and the animation with spriter tutorials (as voted by you).

Get the source art (svg file) of this tutorial for free!
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