Shooting and blasting – making guns

Inkscape tutorial

After the hacking and slaying it’s time to move forward in time and get to the shooting and blasting – guns and rifles and those things in between.
This is part of the 1 million views give away. The files attached to this blog post are free and contain the guns and rifles in inkscape’s .svg format and as an exploded version to use as gun construction kit.
2Dgameartguru - shooting and blastin - making a guns

This is what we are after – simplified handguns and rifles to use in your game.

In order to be easily readable, I created these with outlines. You can take those off but will have to add additional shading to make up for the loss of detail.

I took the revolver as a sample to show you how these assets were created.

Let’s get started

2Dgameartguru inkscape toolbar
2dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver

Let’s start differently. Let’s have a look at the finished revolver first…

…and explode it into it’s core components: barrel, drum, trigger, handle, etc . Instantly, it’s not as intimidating anymore. It’s a bunch of rectangles two circles. Additionally, a bit of bending and moving vectors.

Two rectangles make up the barrel – with two added rectangles for shading.

A rectangle makes the front sight at the end of the barrel. Add a node and curve the top right line.

Using the straight line tool draw the hammer.

2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver
2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver

The base of the revolver is a deformed rectangle. Add some extra nodes and move them into place.

Curve the top left and bottom left line to connect the barrel and the hammer a little better.

Use a square as the base for the handle, add an extra node and deform it.

Curving the bottom and right lines gives it a more recognizable shape.

2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver
2Dgameartguru inkscape toolbar


2dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver

Putting those elements together (with an added triangle to connect the handle to the base) it starts resembling a revolver.

Exploding the cylinder reveals it’s basic setup. A few rectangles and a semi-circle.

Semicircles are quick to create by altering the start and end parameters to (90 / 270).

2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver
2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver

It’s made up of three shapes that derive from two rectangles and a semicircle.

Create another rectangle, move the bottom right node and curve the bottom line.

Create another semicircle, use the Path/ Difference to ‘cut it out’.

Yet another rectangle makes the trigger. Move the bottom nodes and curve the two sides.

Now we have a simple, low detail revolver that can function as the base for a lot of variations and modifications…

2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver


2Dgameartguru - making a simplified revolver

Even though I am not big on guns (and please forgive me if I named bits wrongly in the tutorial – as to me they are just ‘bits of a gun’), I had a lot of fun creating these. I hope you enjoy the assets as well.


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2Dgameartguru creating a gun
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