Finding myself…

in China

I check the blog statistics every now and then (not often enough if I wanted to manage this blog more professionally – but hey… I am an artist at the core not a blogger)… but… there was a referring site that looked strange. I followed the link:

and found this:

2Dgameartguru - spacer
2Dgameartguru Chinese tutorial
2Dgameartguru - spacer
Someone took the time and effort to translate all my Gamasutra blog posts to chines – taking out my text from the images and putting new text in.
I don’t speak any Chinese so I can’t say if they did a good job or not – one thing is for sure – they do a quick job. The tutorials appear on their site a day later… and they have been doing it right from the start.

They do mention me as the author – so… thanks for the extra exposure. :)

Here are the two helicopter tutorials I did on this blog: “Creating an Apache Helicopter” and “Modifying an Apache Helicopter