Let’s see the game assets in action. A big thanks to my good friend and gamesalad coder Darren Spencer of deep blue apps. He has taken the time and made the assets I created so far come to life. The background with animations, platforms and the player sprite are in. The player movement is implemented. You can pick up the gun and waste bullets. The death animation is missing as well as the enemies. They will come next in the tutorial posts and hopefully integrate as smoothly as the rest of the art so far.

Here’s his video of the current state:

Utimately, it’s just nice to see things actually work together smoothly. It’s always rewarding to see the elements in action. Designing the bits and pieces, working on the animations and the UI is good fun. Seeing it all come together though, is the biggest reward.

The same thing seems to go for the coders out there. It’s great seeing the logic work and the gameplay in action. Yet, a pink block just goes thus far. Nicer art – even just placeholder art – has a different appeal. The motivation to continue working on it is different. Nicer art is leading to new ideas and usually improves the game on more than just the visual level.

This ‘bouncing off ideas’ and inspiring other members of the team is one of the reasons I prefer to ‘team up’. Solo projects – besides my poor coding skills – are a different challenge to motivation and stamina. From my experience, a team – even if it’s just 2 people – makes it a lot easier to finish the game.

Check out more video tutorial on our youtube channel!