Creating Game Characters

Design ideas

I was playing around with some shapes for the animation tutorial. Resulting in the character taking on a life of their own…
2Dgameartguru - spacer 2Dgameartguru character design2Dgameartguru character design2Dgameartguru character design2Dgameartguru - spacer

I am planning on a tutorial covering character creation. In addition, I will add a tutorial on animation as well. It’s not ideal to animate in Inkscape but there are ways to do it. To make it easier, the design will be based on separated body parts. Hand, lower and upper arms will be separate elements. These will be animated much like paper-cut-out animations. For instance, each part will be rotated and moved just a little bit between poses.

2Dgameartguru character design basics
2Dgameartguru character animation basics
2Dgameartguru character design creature
2Dgameartguru top down character design
2Dgameartguru character design robot