Inkscape - hands-on

Starting a new Facebook User Group

I decided to start another Facebook User Group that focuses on Inkscape in a hands-on approach with tutorials, challenges, and feedback catering to beginner and intermediate Inkscape users. Of course, I invite advanced users to the group as well to show their work and share their advice and some tips and tricks.

I already run a similar group ‘Affinity Designer – hands on‘ and will try and bring some of the ideas, tutorials, and practice challenges to Inkscape – hands-on. A lot of the questions are very similar and so is the approach [even if the tool names and workflows might be slightly different]. My plan is to ‘translate’ ideas across the two tools and hopefully enhance the experience of the members in both groups.

In the long run, I hope to create a similar PDF of ‘Helpful Hints’ for Inkscape users with the step-by-step tutorials created in and for the group.