I know I should be posting a new tutorial. Instead, I am showing another great sample of the BlockBuddies character sets in action. The game is using the BlockBuddies Zombie set and the free Dummy as the main character. I added some art to help out with the UI and the tiles to achieve a more consistent look and feel.

Bubblr – Dummy Trouble (FREE) is the work of Heavily Loaded Games from Germany.

2Dgameartguru news blubbr2Dgameartguru news blubbr

The dummy is jumping around the platforms and has a soap bubble-cannon and can ‘bubble shoot’ zombies. He can also use other weapons to shoot fireballs or fire cannons.
Get extra items by neutralizing multiple zombies in a short time.

2Dgameartguru news blubbr2Dgameartguru news blubbr

bubblr is an addictive 2D arcade bubble shooter, jump and run platformer and will put your reaction skills to the test!

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I hope you enjoy this game as much as I liked working with Andre to make this game shine!
Bubblr – the jumping Dummy in Trouble (FREE)
in app purchasing for dual-play-mode