Let’s continue with the design of the main character. I like to flesh the main elements out early in the development process as they define the whole look and feel of the game.

The initial test in the small png size looked alright. It needs tweaking a little bit but the shape itself can work and is recognizable.
It also made the need for rather large eyes clear. In order for a relatively small character to show facial expression and make the poses more interesting, it’s helpful to exaggerate the key elements and leave less important parts off (e.g. the elbows, knees and feet).
A simpler design is a lot more readable than trying to add all the detail possible into the small canvas size.


Exported to 48×48 pixels the result looks like this:


The shapes are now readable compared with the last version. The joints might need some scaling. Especially the hip and the leg could be a bit larger. 
The ‘face’ is still a bit bland and could use a bit more work and some variation between the left and right eye. 

I decided to post smaller steps (as I get them done) rather than wait for the whole section to be finished before posting. It should make it easier for me to keep posting more frequently and not facing the daunting task of a 5 to 6 hour job to create the next step.  

1) I wrote a quick tutorial about finding your colours for shadows and highlights.