We now have all shapes in place and the basic shading works. It’s time to tweak the character to give him a bit more character before creating some test poses.
The last bitmap test showed that the legs are a tad too small and face is rather generic. At the moment the robot is looking straight at us with both eyes perfectly symmetrical.

Another bitmap test comes up with this result. I added the early images for comparison. The robot has a bit more character and better proportions while still fitting inside of our box.


Let’s try out a few poses that we would need in the game to see how well the robot works for the games need. Next to the idle there will be a run, jump, shoot and die.

In the more dynamic poses like the jump wide and jump up or the getting hit, our main shape leaves the inner box but I kept the pose well within the outer box that will function as the export border.
Exporting the above pose with both containers at 64x64px will give these results.


Once we do the animations we keep the border boxes and set them to fully transparent when creating the png images. This will give us images with the exact same sizes for implementation into the game or creation of a sprite sheet.

Let’s look at setting up a run pose.

With the main character’s design wrapped up the next step will be the design of background and platforms to match the colours and styles.