Next on the list of elements to create are the platforms. They need to match the player and enemy look and feel, stand out enough and be easily identifiable as something solid to stand on.

For this sample game the game play is limited to one screen (with the platforms connecting left and right side. E.g. the player or an enemy moves out to the left only to reappear on the right side). 

Using blocks and not having to worry about seamless connection of the blocks makes it a lot easier. I will cover some tips and tricks on the creation of seamless tiles in another tutorial that is already waiting for publication. 




Placed on a tinted background the platforms look like this:


I hope you enjoyed this installment of the ‘complete game art’ tutorial. Next on my list will be the background – which will most likely be broken up into three tutorial posts. Afterwards it’s time for the much anticipated and a bit more complex animation tutorials.