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Snow Monster Illustration created in Inkscape

Inkscape sample

A snow monster/ yeti/ snowman done in Inkscape. I had a lot of fun with this illustration created for a social media group challenge. A “snowman” design with a twist…
Character design is probably the most fun aspect when it comes to game art creation or illustrations. You can play with so many different elements and small changes make a big difference.

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Snow Monster Illustration setup

Playing around with simple shapes for the body parts allows me to find the shape and proportions I have in mind. I like to try a few variations before deciding on one. I usually leave the ideas in a separate file, as I never know when I might need them again.

2Dgameartguru - character design snowman
2Dgameartguru - character design snowman

Snow Monster Variations

Small changes to the face make huge differences in the look and feel of your character. With vector shapes, it’s very easy to play around and compare without having to redo the whole design. A variation to the eyes and the mouth or the nose [or the lack of one in this case] gives the character a very different appearance.

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I hope you like my snow monster illustration. I had a heap of fun with Inkscape in its current version. The tool has improved a lot since the earliest tutorials… and is a lot more stable and professional now. Go and check it out if you haven’t given it a try! Enjoy!

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