I received a lot of feedback on the top down solider tutorial and a few requests for additions. This tutorial will cover one request for enemies to go with the soldier. What’s better than a few zombies. I decided to make this tutorial a little different – rather than show a step by step on how to create things, I am going to take the zombie walk cycle apart and explain (or hope to explain) how it’s done. 

The files for the zombies are here
You can use them for your presonal and commercial projects as long as you don’t resell the art itself or in a bundle.

If you open the inkscape files you will find the zombies in eight layers (one layer per animation frame). 

After exporting the layers to bitmaps I made some animated sprites to show you the animation in action. 
One key to making the animations look good is finding the right speed to play your animations.  
This version is running too fast. The animation is clearly not a run but a walk. Slowing down the frames displayed per second will make it look more like a walk. 
This one runs at 1/2 the speed. It still feels rather fast.
This is another reduction of the frames to 1/3 of the top one. It looks okay.
One more slower version. Now he seems to walk too slow. 

Seeing it’s zombies walking. You want to consider adjusting the animation to make it less smooth. Have him shuffle one leg, move the body/ head in an odd way, reach out with his arms, or just move one arm. 

This is a sample of the zombie2 animation showing more movement in the head and arms and turning the right foot outwards. You can surely exaggerate the animation even more – I will leave it up to you to play with the Topdown Zombies.