Mention on Affinity Spotlight – as one of the artists of the Affinitober

I will leave out the bit where I am usually whining about the lack of posts, the backlog, and my health issues… none of those have changed… but I am still trying to make the most of it and have the best time possible.
This month is always a special creative treat with a lot of challenges running on a daily basis – inktober, vectober, and affinitober [specific to Seri’s Affinity tool set]. I decided to take part in that one – not every day but on some days… I had a lot of fun and tried a few new things and the results appealed to the Instagram and Twitter viewers.

Serif/ AffinitySpotlight seemed to have liked them as well, as I got a mention in ‘The best of Affinitober 2022’ on

Best of Affinitober 2022
Affinitober 2022 - food
Affinitober 2022 - ocean
Affinitober 2022 - mushroom
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