Next step is the animation. There are a lot of ways to do them and a whole bunch of tools out there to use for animation. You can take your character’s body parts and use tools like esoteric software’s spine, brash monkey’s spriter or Adobe Flash to create the animations in there.
You can even take your separated png images into Unity5 and do the animations right in there using their 2D animation tool.

The advantages of those tools lie in the re-usability of the animations. Once you define an animation it’s a lot easier to replace the elements for a upgraded version of the character or even a totally different one (as long as the proportions are similar).

I am planning on covering some of those tools later on. For the moment I am busy getting into the video tutorials and the finishing touches to the this series of tutorials.

As a result I staying within Inkscape for the animations. I have covered it in an earlier tutorial before (s. character animation) but this time around it’s in a video with a little more attention to detail.

Here are the animations as gif images to get a better look at them:

As always I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did create it.

I do apologize for not fitting the running animations into this video but it was just getting too long.
By now the next part has been recorded and will go online as soon as I did the editing.

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